Introduction to Through-Hole Hand Soldering – one day

Here at Impact we pride ourselves on delivering professional practical courses that will give you the knowledge you need to either enhance your skills in the industry or get your new career in the world of electronics off to a flying start.

Being in the industry ourselves for over 20 years, we understand that processes and technology can move at a rapid pace. Likewise, as we move to keep up with technology, we can also find ourselves falling into bad habits. These habits can often manifest and be passed on leaving your business and clients susceptible to sub-standard workmanship which can lead to catastrophic consequences and costly repairs.

Our introduction to through-hole hand soldering will teach simple skills and methods from the outset, providing you with peace of mind in regard to quality of workmanship and will often save time and money as you move forward to satisfy your customers’ needs for consistent reliable products.

This course from Impact Centre For Training is ideal for staff new to the industry with a particular interest in hand soldering, looking to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Course Overview

Impact Centre For Training offer a one day, fully practical skills course for the process of identifying and hand soldering through-hole components to a printed circuit board. Subjects covered will include general housekeeping in the workplace, ESD procedures, the use of correct tools and equipment, correct orientation of components, hand soldering components to a printed circuit board and health and safety issues in the workplace.

Upon completion, course attendees will gain an Impact Centre For Training attendance certificate.

Training At Your Premises

All Impact Centre For Training courses can be delivered on-site, providing facilities and equipment available are acceptable for training. Contact us for information

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