Solder Tip Awareness

Solder Tip Awareness Training Course

Solder Tip Awareness certification.

Impact provide Professional IPC Soldering Training and IPC Soldering Tip Awareness Training across the UK.

With increase Solder Tip temperatures and greater tin content in lead-free solders an increased awareness of best-industry practices for soldering iron tip maintenance is essential.

Soldering Iron Tips can prove expensive when continually bought, this training tutorial can minimise the cost of consumables used in production -– and increase product quality.

Soldering Iron Tip Care is used to show technicians how to care for soldering iron tips properly and avoid the consequences of lead-free and tin-lead solder.

Our course covers the issues of Tip Maintenance including; what are the main issues of tip life, recommended tip maintenance, the overuse of tip tinners and other abrasive products, and finally the mechanisms that damage tips and how to minimise the effects of these procedures.

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