Specialist Re-Work & Repair

Specialist Re-Work & Repair Training Course

Specialist Re-Work & Repair.

Impact provide a Specialist Repair and Rework Service for your company premises.

Collect all your components from your Company premises
Cost each individual job fairly and realistically, with an agreed
standard time rateRepair/assemble your components to the highest standards a tour purpose-built facility, using our fully trained personnelReturn all work carried out to your Company within an agreed timescale

“What are the benefits of getting a 3rd Party like IPCTS to do all this work for me?” we hear you asking:

Free up your staff to work on current production projects
The cost of repairing faulty components is negligible compared to having it on the back shelf earning nothing
We can do it now, whereas you may not be able to deal with it for another 4 weeks.

A happy boss, as revenue streams improve less stress and aggravation for YOU!

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