IPC J-STD-001 (Space Addendum) for staff


The IPC-J-STD-001GS space addendum supplements or replaces specifically identified requirements of IPC J-STD001G for soldered electrical and electronic assemblies that must survive the vibration and thermal cyclic environments of getting to and operating in space and military applications.

This Standard describes materials, methods and acceptance criteria for producing soldered electrical and electronic assemblies. The intent of this document is to rely on process control methodology to ensure consistent quality levels during the manufacture of products. It is not the intent of this Standard to exclude any procedure for component placement or for applying flux and solder used to make the electrical connection.

Who should undertake IPC J-STD-001 (Space Addendum) Training?

This standard is aimed at anyone needing to understand whether a soldered joint is acceptable, such as:

  • process engineers
  • assembly operators
  • quality and inspection staff
  • anyone responsible for the quality and reliability of soldered assemblies
  • anyone working with IPC J-STD-001 to a Class 3 level

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