IPC 8701 Photovaltaic Standards

IPC 8701 This IPC standard presents acceptance guidelines for the solar panel in final module assembly. The intent of this standard is to cover crystalline solar modules. The modules can vary in size and cell number. Some of the content may be applicable to other photovoltaic modules such as thin film. This includes junction boxes and other attributes that need to be inspected. For example, junction boxes used in solar panels include inspection criteria for sealants and potting compounds used in the attachment.

The sealants and potting compounds used could have cracking and moisture ingress so a visual inspection quality system would need to be put in place to determine the acceptability which this standard will CIPC help to address. The documents covers the most common designs; however, designs vary greatly and continue to evolve. consequently, exceptions or other standards may need to be specified.

For example, sections on frames would not apply to frameless modules. also, modules for building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) applications should comply with relevant building code standards. Electrical performance and safety are outside the scope of this standard and can be referred to in the relevant IEC, UL, IEEE and region specific standards.

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